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 Vienna Youth Lacrosse Roles and Responsibilities 

Commissioner is charged with overall responsibility and authority to organize and operate the youth lacrosse program in accordance with the general policies and procedures of Vienna Youth Lacrosse (VYL), Vienna Youth Inc. (VYI) and the Northern Virginia Youth Lacrosse League (NVYLL). Specific duties include:
  • Coordinates with other Board Members and volunteers to ensure program is running in accordance with established policies and procedures
  • Prepares annual budget (revenues/costs) and submits to VYI Treasurer
  • Renders final decision on team/player and coach assignments, as needed
  • Responsible for field permit applications and practice scheduling
  • Finalizes and submits official NVYLL rosters 
  • Renders final decisions regarding VYL, VYI or NVYLL policies
  • Approves VYL website content
  • Represents VYI on the NVYLL Board, and VYL on the VYI Board
  • Responsible for managing relationships with schools, NCS, etc.


Age Group Coordinators (AGCs):  are responsible for the day-to-day operation of our teams/program.  AGCs work with the Commissioner, coaches, and other AGCs.

  • Solicits volunteers to coach 
  • Helps facilitate training opportunities for coaches via USA Lacrosse, etc.
  • Works with Commissioner to determine number of teams in a given season, team roster sizes, etc.
  • Organizes player assessment sessions and oversees team drafts (roster selections).


Field Coordinator


  • Ensures that game fields are properly equipped with goals, tables, chairs, scoreboard, cones
  • Solicits and oversees contractors to mow and maintain fields


Equipment Manager


  • Determines and acquires boy’s rental equipment
  • Manages the storing, inventory, issue and collection of boy’s equipment and uniforms
  • Determines and acquires coaches equipment needs
  • Manages the distribution and collection of coaches’ bags and equipment.
  • Acquires and distributes coaches hats and shirts
  • Collects equipment deposits, reconciles payments 




  • Serves as key point of contact for parents addressing team and player concerns in consultation with the Coaches, Commissioners or Board as needed.




  • Coordinates the setup and entry of information on the VYI Lacrosse web site.
  • Works with the VYI web master on site standards.
  • Sets up and monitors the automated registration programs.
  • Downloads and makes available player information to the board and coaches.
  • Reformats and inputs the NVYLL game schedule into the web site. 




  • Participates in Club coaches meetings and seasonal planning sessions
  • Participates in player tryouts and evaluations
  • Supports the pre-season clinic as needed
  • Participates in player draft
  • Organizes practices
  • Attends coaches training sessions
  • Identifies and appoints a Team Parent
  • Identifies and appoints Assistant Coaches
  • Ensures that game scores are entered into the NVYLL sanctioned system on a timely basis
  • Provides written evaluations of all players at the end of the season to the appropriate AGC 


Team Parent


  • Creates and distributes phone tree and email list
  • Distributes and collects information from VYL Board and Team Parent Coordinator for:
  • Assigns tasks to parent volunteers, as required by coach:
    • Assisting at practices by shagging balls
    • Taking statistics and notes
    • Assigning Home Field 1) Scorekeepers 2) Timekeepers 3) Field Commissioner
    • Organizing end-of-year party
    • Reminding parents of game schedules and field directions weekly
    • Input scores, pictures and game headlines on web sites (including
    • Distributing uniforms

Field Commissioner