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Game Day Field Closures can be found on:

Practice Field Closures

 We practice at both school and park authority fields.  The Fairfax County Park Authority maintains a web site where it reports field closures.  For us this includes: Clarks Crossing, Nottoway and Oak Marr.  School fields can be closed locally and we should respect the individual school's or field monitor's decision.  If in doubt about a school field, following the park authority lead is not a bad idea.  However, please understand that only artificial turf, park authority fields are open in March.  (This means the website will always say fields are closed in March!) 


If you are on the road you can call the Fairfax County Field Closure Line to check on field closings for practices: 703-324-5264.  Always check the update if we have bad weather before you leave for the game or practice.  It's a good idea to program this number into your cell phone. 


What to Do When There is Rain and/or Lightning

Rain by itself is not a definitive reason to cancel practices.  However, if the rain is coming down hard enough, or has been coming down long enough, so that practicing on the fields will cause damage, then please stay off the fields.  Here are the guidelines provided to us by the Neighborhood and Community Services (NCS) department of the county -- NCS monitors field status AND improper use -- if any part of the field squishes when you walk on it, then the field is closed.  Please be respectful of the fields.  If you decide to break the rules, and practice on a wet field, VYI Lacrosse management gets nasty e-mails and reprimands. 

In addition, in the event of thunder and/or lightning, you MUST postpone practice for at least 30 minutes after the last clap of thunder is heard or the last bolt of lightning is seen.  Children with metal sticks have no business out in the open when lightning is a threat.